Aperçu de la version 1.7
  • Added Bootstrap (graphical improvement of the admin)
  • Added a BDD class to be PHP compatible> 5.3
  • Fix HTML5 source code to make it more W3C compliante
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved link listing page for touchscreen
Aperçu de la version 1.7
  • Small optimization for the smartphones and tablet tactile
  • Correction of source code HTML5 to return it W3C
  • Addition of Meta Robot noindex
  • Modification of the sorting of the categories so that it is in the alphabetical order
  • Addition of the double management of link on the same line example (the beginning of the 2nd bond must be identical to the precedent):
    link 1 = My Web site
    link 1 = My Web site - Administration (or another link)
    donne à l'affichage
    <a href="http://link-1/">My Web site</a> - <a href="http://link-2/">Administration (or another link)</a>
  • Correction of some bug
  • grammatical Correction of the comentaires
  • correction of the bug of addition of a new account for a compatibility PHP4 > = 4.1
  • automatic cleaning of the base
  • modify the links
  • Comment to the standard of phpdoc (http://www.phpdoc.de/)
  • Improvement of coding for a faster posting
  • Passage in PHP4
  • Coding on the w3c norm
  • Some corrections of bug minor
  • Addition of the Russian language provided by Lord (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Some corrections of bug minor for better an installation
  • Reorganization of phphomepage (appearance of the file localisation)
  • Better integration of the language
  • Improvement of coding
  • Inclusion of the English file
  • Correction of some bug
  • Creation of a file of language
  • Possibility of putting in English (not provided)
  • Correction of some bug
  • First version on line
  • French exclusively